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Artisan contractors like carpenters, roofers, electricians and plumbers often have basic insurance needs taken care of through a Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP), but a BOP isn't designed to provide coverage for all business risks, especially those faced by contractors.  Floaters may be necessary to cover equipment; business auto insurance may be needed to cover trucks used primarily in business, and many states require contractor employers to provide workers compensation insurance.

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Like a business or a homeowner, a nonprofit organization needs to protect its property from loss from a fire, by theft and from many other hazards. Nonprofits can be lawsuit targets as well. Without insurance, a lawsuit could prove financially devastating. Whether a human services, arts, educational, civic or other type of nonprofit, your organization should be protected by liability insurance to cover defense costs and damages.
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What is a small business? Small is a subjective word, meaning different things to different people. As we explore the kind of risks you face and the kind of insurance you might need we're going to take a life-cycle approach, starting with the most incidental of business pursuits and work our way up to the Fortune 500 level.
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