InSouth Insurance Services

InSouth is a local business with national insurance capabilities

InSouth Insurance operates two offices conveniently located in the Lake Norman area and we are a local, independent insurance agency first and foremost. But as a partner in Keystone Insurers, the 2nd largest insurance agency partnership in the U.S., we are part of a community of professional insurance advisors.

We can do more than advise you on the options for home, auto and business insurance - we can deliver on those options. As an independent insurance agency we are not required to use the insurance products of any one company, we are free to deliver the insurance solutions that make the most sense for our clients.

But InSouth Insurance is not your average independent insurance agency. Our connection to Keystone provides our agency with unique access to insurance companies. Our relationships enable us to elevate matters beyond the local or regional levels to which most agencies are bound. This level of connection and service is something you won't find anywhere else.

About Keystone Insurers

Formed in 1983, Keystone recognized a need experienced by independent agencies. Our goal is to strengthen our partner agencies through greater access to industry expertise, insurance carriers, and connection to a community of like-minded agencies who can share their insights and expertise.

Our network of partner agencies has grown steadily over the decades and now numbers over 300 like-minded agencies. Through this community, our partner agents better serve the businesses and individuals in their communities.

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